Rob...... Bass and Webmaster
Rob...... Bass and Webmaster

   As a founding member of The Chowda Heads Rob has been through it all from the begining back in 1990. We have worked hard to get The Chowda to what it is today and that's one of the best damn rock bands in New England!!! Whahooooo!
   Rob has been composing his own music for many years. Writting and playing all instuments on his AUDIO WEAPON recordings. This is some pretty good stuff, and a bit on the unusual side. He describes it as "hard new age dark progressive alternative metal"


   Rob is a veteran player who has spent years playing the South Shore of MA. One of the more notable bands was "StJohn", an original group that opened up for the likes of Mountain, The Outlaws, Blue Oyster Cult, The Marshal Tucker Band, and The Georgia Satelites. You might remember that some of the members of "StJohn" used to, and still do at times, play with "Southbound" the South Shores best Southern Rock band! You can hear some StJohn at -StJohn Band-
   Rob also created and maintains the bands web site. His bass playing has been the driving force of the Chowda Heads for many years. Rob now resides in Freedom, NH, and is now only playing part time, however he will continue to be a very big “Chowda Head”.