Evil Ways                Santana         Batuka                  Santana
   Samba Pa Ti              Santana         Moonflower              Santana
   No One to Depend On      Santana         Toussaint Le Oviture    Santana
   Black Majic Woman        Santana         Oye Commo Va            Santana
   Europa                   Santana         Smooth                  Santana
   Soul Sacrafice           Santana         Punch Your Lights Out   Santana
   Tightrope                SRV             Don't Want You No More  Allman Bros.
   Little Sister            SRV             Cross to Bear           Allman Bros.
   Pride and Joy            SRV             Whipping Post           Allman Bros.
   Texas Flood              SRV             Blue Sky                Allman Bros.
   The Sky is Cryin'        SRV             Melissa                 Allman Bros.
   House is a Rockin'       SRV             Ramblin' Man            Allman Bros.                                                                                                                                                                  
   Little Wing              SRV/Hendrix     After Midnight          Clapton
   Let the Good Times Roll  SRV/Hendrix     Before You Accuse Me    Clapton
   Wind Cries Mary          Hendrix         Wonderfull Tonight      Clapton
   Stand Next to Your Fire  Hendrix         Main Street             Bob Seger
   Got a Brand New Bag      James Brown     Old Time Rock and Roll  Bob Seger
   I Feel Good              James Brown     Turn The Page           Bob Seger
   Aqualung                 Jethro Tull     Things We Said Today    The Beatles
   Cross Eyed Mary          Jethro Tull     Green Eyed Lady         Sugarloaf
   Learning to Fly          Blink 182       Too Much Stuff          Spunky Monkey
   Feelin' Allright         Joe Cocker      Wild Horses             Rolling Stones
   Gimme Three Steps        Lynyrd Skynyrd  Road House Blues        The Doors
   La Grange                ZZ Top          Can't You See           Marshall Tucker
   So Lonesome I Could Cry  BJ Thomas       Mustang Sally           Pick a Band
   Mony Mony                Spencer Davis   Gimme Some Lovin'       Traffic
   Don't want to work today Todd Rungrud    Fortunate Son           CCR
   Bad Case of Loving You   Rob Palmer      Brown Eyed Girl         Van Morrison
   Born to Be Wild          John Kay        Lucky Man               ELP
   Who'll Stop the Rain     CCR             China Grove             Doobie Bros.    
   Fortunate Son            CCR             Desparado               The Eagles
   Green River              CCR             Domino                  Van Morrison
   Listen to the Music      Doobie Bros.    Beast of Burden         Rolling Stones
   Born on the Bayou        CCR             Wild Nights             Van Morrison
   25 or 6 to 4             Chicago         Badlands                Bruce Spring.
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